Carpet Installation

Take a virtual tour with Katy Carpeting and see a sample of some of the carpeting possibilities available to you!

Whole House Carpets
Wall-to-wall carpeting remains a popular choice. When choosing to carpet the whole house, you will need a durable, quality carpet that looks elegant in the formal areas but yet remains durable enough to handle high traffic areas. The competing needs of formal and less formal areas creates a challenge that requires the help of a carpeting specialist.

Bedroom and Formal Living Area Carpets
Due to less foot traffic, carpets in adult bedrooms and formal living areas can be more luxurious than the carpets in high traffic areas or children’s rooms.

High Traffic Carpets
Family rooms, hallways, entryways, children’s rooms, recreation rooms, and other areas that take a beating require extremely durable carpets. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability as these images show.

Stain Resistant Carpets
All carpets can be treated to resist stains and many of today’s synthetic fibers resist staining without further treatments. If you have small children or pets, a stain resistant carpet is a must! You may even want to select a patterned carpet that camouflages minor stains and soiling.

Who knew that carpets could be so beautiful? Katy Carpeting did! Today’s carpet choices are limited only by your imagination. Now that you’ve had a taste, give us a call to schedule a free carpet consultation.


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