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Welcome to KatyCarpeting.com, your one-stop flooring destination for carpeting your Katy, Texas home. We are a general contractor with over two decades of experience carpeting Katy houses. We work on carpet projects of all sizes from new construction and remodels to replacing worn out or damaged carpets.

No matter what the nature of your carpet project may be, a quality installation is close at hand when you choose Katy Carpeting. We understand that when it comes to quality carpeting, many factors must come together starting with the humble carpet pad and ending with a skillful installation. In between is the quality of the carpet itself as well as its color and style.

Our carpet specialists are standing by, ready to help you choose a beautiful, durable, and stylish carpet for your Katy home.

Carpet Selection
Choosing the right carpet for your home isn’t as easy as looking at a few swatches and picking the prettiest one. The first consideration involves where you will be using the carpet. For example, high traffic areas like hallways and family rooms have different carpeting requirements than carpets in formal dining and living rooms. Less frequently used rooms can get away with more delicate carpet styles than high traffic areas. If you have indoor pets and small children, you may need a more durable carpet with stain resistant properties. Our Katy Carpeting experts will help you determine the carpet styles best suited for the room and your lifestyle.

Once you narrow down the style of carpet, you can then drill down into color choices and fashion statements. Our consultant can help you select a beautiful carpet suitable for your current décor. If you plan on repainting the interior of your home, consult with us beforehand so that we can help you with color selection. In fact, as a general contractor, we can also help you with interior painting. An ideal time for repainting is after the old carpet has been removed and before the new carpet has been installed.

Carpet prices vary widely, primarily driven by quality. Higher quality carpets do cost more than inferior products. Quality carpets are heavier and denser, with more fibers than their cheaper counterparts. However, when costs are considered over the carpet’s lifetime, you will likely discover that quality carpet is the better value thanks to its superior durability and longer lifetime.
Carpet Installation
The carpet’s pad is another critical consideration. Though you won’t see the pad once the carpet is laid, the pad isn’t a place to skimp. Invest in a good pad and extend the life of your carpet. A Katy Carpeting specialist can help you select the right type of pad for the carpet type you have selected.

Our carpet installers are experts at installing carpet and ensuring that no tacks are exposed. Our crew is made up of friendly, respectful carpet installers who take pride in their work. Only the best are hired at Katy Carpeting!


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